Newsletter Video, March 2019


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We Have A Small Favor To Ask Of You This Month -
Help Us Prevent Opioid Dependence

Please share this video with 3 people you know that may be experiencing some type of muscle aches or joint pains. Our goal is to get as many shares as possible in hopes that we might prevent someone, anyone, from becoming addicted to opioids.

Read more about drug overdose problems from this article in the NY Times.

Staggering Statistics About Opioid Drug Addiction

Get more facts from here.

Scientists Recently Discovered that Seeing a Physical Therapist first can decrease the use of addictive pain pills.

Click here for the reference.

Another reference about early physical therapy and decreased opioid use. Click here.

Exercise of the Month

Standing bilateral external rotation with a resistance band.

Instructions: (**Before you try this or any other exercise, ask your physical therapist)

Stand with elbows bent to 90 degrees, band in each hand as shown in the video.

Rotate hands away against resistance of band while keeping the elbows at your sides.

Repeat: 15 Times
Sets: 2
Hold Time: 3 Seconds
Resistance: Yellow Band


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